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1 week in Andong- day 6 July 12, 2009

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Day6, our last day in Andong and we decided to get up early and carry on exploring the village and take a few more more pictures. (when I say a few…I mean around 500 pictures….that was the average of pictures taken each, per day)

 We left the house at around 9.30 and went straight to the lotus pond, as it was morning the flowers would be open. It was already very very hot, but there was so much to photograph…a few more different species of butterflies and dragonflies. Then we took a bus to the entrance of the village where there are some restaurants and gift shops. It was too hot to walk around so we just sat near a small pond and entertained ourselves taking pictures of more dragonflies and plants.

For lunch we had bibimbap (the only thing we can order), it was the first time we had lunch alone (without the company of any Koreans), well it didn’t end up being such a lonely lunch as we were offered many things. A couple sat behind us and one of them spoke English quite well so he started chatting to us and offered some local wine. Then the chef gave us some soup, a lady working at one of the gift shops came over and offered apricots and before we even finished eating lunch a shy young man came over with two cups of a creamy hazelnut coffee. Again this shows how kind and welcoming Koreans have been. After lunch we bought a few traditional things, and as it was so hot I bought a lovely bright yellow umbrella. We walked back through a very picturesque path and took a few more photos.


One Response to “1 week in Andong- day 6”

  1. Claire Mantell Says:

    Love the umbrella

    Claire x

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